If I Looked That Hot I Would Share Too

I remember when I was a teen, you had to really romance a chick before you would ever get to see what she was hiding under her undergarments. Either that or catch her after a big party after the football game Friday night when she’s feeling especially loose. It just seems kids now days have it so easy. Every other eighteen year old chick out there is flashing her tits all over the internet. From social media networks to text messages, they seem to get off on sending photos of their naked bodies to boys everywhere.

And why shouldn’t they? I mean, when you look as hot as these young babes there’s no way that you don’t know it. And knowing that someone is staring at your form while they masturbate has got to stroke the old ego. That’s why I don’t feel guilty at all when I stroke off to barely legal self shot teens. They want people to get off to them, that’s why they shared it in the first place-right?

Their Only Time Doing Porn


Once a girl makes the conscious decision to shoot porn, I don’t know how she ever manages to move away from it. As soon as that shit hits the internet, it’s going to haunt them forever. Or at least for the next several years. In my opinion, they may as well embrace it. I see all these coeds unable to find jobs and drowning in student debt. Pornstars don’t have to worry about that. The ones that work extra hard and get themselves on enough sites are set. They make bank, buy houses, and turn their name into a brand. Even the ones that aren’t that successful at least stand a pretty good chance of landing a wealthy man.

GirlsDoPorn.com says that their models are exclusive and will never shoot any more porn ever again. After watching quite a few of the videos, I think these hot babes are missing a real career opportunity. I mean, their vids are already going to be seen. They are already going to be labelled sluts and whores because of it. They may as well ride the cash train while they still can.

You can watch Girls Do Porn videos with our discount and then see if you agree that these chicks should have stuck with it.