She’s about to Lend a Hand

It turns out that Manojob means handjob. Fucked if I know what language ‘mano’ is, but I guess it’s Spanish and also, I’m too lazy to look it up on Google Translate or some similar shit.

For the longest time a handjob didn’t even feature in my sexual fantasy vocabulary and the few girlfriends that decided to fiddle with my gearshift never left any impression at all. In fact, I couldn’t see why she would be giving you a handjob in the first place if her mouth isn’t occupied.

That was until a mate treated me to a massage parlour after a particularly rough day on the gold course when we decided gold carts are for old people. Turns out, we’re old people.

Turned out to be a happy ending establishment and it changed my mind forever. I never knew a handjob could be as good as any blowjob.

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