Menage et Trio

Only once in my life was I fortunate enough to be in a threesome with two girls and it certainly is a highlight in my sexual experiences. We were young though and pretty drunk too and so the ordeal, as good as it was, lacked coordination by comparison.

The two girls had never been with other girls before and neither were sure not only of what to do but of what they were willing to do and on top of that if whatever they would want to do would be okay with the other. In the mean time there was me, the only guy and all wanted to do was to fuck them both but heh, one dick and two pussies, it’s not easy as it seemed.

Years later and single again, or at least not married I can say with certainty that I would not mind in the least to try that again, this time much more experienced and hopefully with two ladies who know who they are and what they want.

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Being Insatiable Is a Close Second

I agree wholeheartedly that nothing beats experience when it comes to sex and that should be good news for the more mature woman, but they should know that being with a woman who’s pretty much insatiable is a pretty close second. That’s as far as good sex is concerned, at least in my opinion but in conversation with some of my friends it was unanimous and as such I suspect that many more guys would agree.

So, ladies, when you’ve been married for a while and all of a sudden you give your husband sex infrequently and even then mostly only on some assenine self adjudicated reward system then don’t cry when he eventually dumps your ass for some young girl because now you also know that the sex is almost just as good, except, she wants it all the time, just like he does and on top of that, she’s still taking care of her appearance.

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What a Puffy Pussy You Have There

It’s to better fuck you with!

I’ve not seen a performance yet by puffy pussy cam girl Candice myself and I certainly didn’t see the show this pic is from but I’m going to have to assume she used a pump to get her pussy that puffy right? I mean it’s not impossible I guess that it is natural, it’s just that that is very puffy 😀

It looks great though doesn’t it? I don’t know if it’s everyone’s taste but I quite like it.

She does seem to enjoy her insertions as she’s got pretty much everything in everything in this pic and then some. I bet her shows are damn interesting and entertaining and I’m definitely going to check it out for myself.

That’s the beauty with amateurs and porn in that they don’t try and stick to established porn genres, particularly when it comes to these cam shows. It can be daunting to do something like this and it’s a lot easier to just do what comes naturally than adding more pressure on yourself by trying to be something else and then maintain it.

She’s about to Lend a Hand

It turns out that Manojob means handjob. Fucked if I know what language ‘mano’ is, but I guess it’s Spanish and also, I’m too lazy to look it up on Google Translate or some similar shit.

For the longest time a handjob didn’t even feature in my sexual fantasy vocabulary and the few girlfriends that decided to fiddle with my gearshift never left any impression at all. In fact, I couldn’t see why she would be giving you a handjob in the first place if her mouth isn’t occupied.

That was until a mate treated me to a massage parlour after a particularly rough day on the gold course when we decided gold carts are for old people. Turns out, we’re old people.

Turned out to be a happy ending establishment and it changed my mind forever. I never knew a handjob could be as good as any blowjob.

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